Two days later for the loss of all my luggage, finally tomorrow morning I will be able to start the trip through Lake Inari.  I thought to do it in 6 or 7 days, but I will have to rush a little bit more, in order to complete it  have to go more to the point, and see if I can complete it on 5.

I have no margin days, and I cannot fail in the distance advanced each day; hoping I will not get caught for too bad weather, having to remain  and have to be some day locked in the tent.

When I do big projects, I keep long margins, but for these shorter adventures, I have to combine it with all my other activities, and I could not lose more days.

Uncertainty always an part of the adventure activities, but you cannot imagine that this will attack by the side of the inefficiency in the transport of luggage. All my expedition material, which is quite heavy and expensive, was sent as luggage in my flights.  And on the Düseldorf link to Helsinki, which was very short of time because of a delay of the company AIR BERLIN, switching to FINNAIR, they strayed all, and they did not even locate it. I’ve been two days without any info, and not being able to make any plans at all. Until today I didn’t have confirmation that they knew where the luggage was, and that they were trying to send it on his way to Ivalo… all day with fingers crossed, and, finally there has been good news.

We always think that the crisis (small or large), have a happy ending, but when you have done already many miles, you know it’s not always like it. At the end it was not such a serious problem, but I was almost more worried for the value of the material that the fact of having or not to abort the journey; as though life is very short, it is not enough to not being able to find another opportunity to cross the Inari.

Anyway, I had to prepare everything quickly, and tomorrow I will start a very expedition, in an environment of great ecological value, in a country where people knows that the natural heritage is a key asset that has to be used with great responsibility, because it has to be profitable for today and for the future.

In these two days in Ivalo, between beer and beer, I had the chance to talk to enough people here; and it’s a pleasure to see how they live their relationship with nature. Perhaps because of the fact that there’s few people in the country (5.3 million, 17 per km2, the third least populated country in Europe), perhaps because the towns and cities are fully connected with nature, or perhaps because being a territory with such long winters, they are used to being ants in summer and know that the resources of today have to be managed for tomorrow (and not like southern countries, for their climate, are living more in the day, not too much worried about tomorrow resources or food); it shows they have a deep-rooted culture about all human activity and its impact on nature, and that everything we do now has an effect on what will happen in the environment where we will live for many years. I like to do a very intense adventure in a country with one of the best cultures of sustainability on our planet.

As part of the project WORLD NATURE EXPLORING , all these feelings of adventure activity and the relationship with the visited natural areas, I hope to share them with you every day during the trip and, in any case, once completed, with a little more depth.

I go to bed, tomorrow I have to wake up early in order to pull the sled a lot of hours, and I do not know where I’ll end up sleeping. Thanks for following me!

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