Today’s stage have been complete: I started at 9.10am it was snowing and the temperature was between -7 and -10 degrees… not really warm… Actually hard. One of those days that you can’t stop to ask yourself "Am I mad? What the hell I’m doing here?" But obviously I know the answer: "Yes I am crazy, fool but I’m glad to be here, feeling alive and becoming humble in front of the power of Mother Nature". So, I make my way all the morning, and I only stopped to drink some hot tea, have some power bar and do a shy piss.

In the afternoon the weather has improved, and I enjoyed the walk, dodging small islands.

In the last part of the stage I have found another "free spirit" with skis and sledge, a Finnish Lapon who was fishing for 3 days in this area. He invited me to sleep in a cabin, 3Km away.

I did 24Km in total, 21 from the planned route.

Tomorrow will be a hard day too: 29Km, between 7 to 9 hours pulling the sledge and suffering or 7 to 9 hours enjoying this fantastic landscape and feeling to be totally alive.

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