This week is special to me and, I hope, for those who aspire to be part of ‘the solution’ in this world … On Monday and Tuesday I will attend the event SUSTAINABLE BRANDS Barcelona , ​​and on Friday I will participate as a speaker at the SUSTAINABLE BRANDS Istanbul .

Why do I support this movement , increasingly important globally?

Just by the mere fact of living and activating our projects, we will impact negatively or positively on society and the environment. Therefore, our responsibility mus be global and transcend our individual interests.

When we buy, when we work in a company, when we are entrepreneurs, when we participate in politics, when we educate our children, when we travel, when we do sport, when we communicate in public, when we throw paper away or when we go to the toilet, we are always making our world a little better or a little worse.  It’s that simple and that complicated.

We all have the responsibility to decide with each of our small or large daily acts, if we have a positive or negative effect on the world.

And companies, as a key factor in our society, have a key role as change agents in this process to improve or worsen the planet and the society in which we live. Precisely because they are so active, they have great economic, social and environmental impact. Therefore, they should bring into play all their activities and reputation, through their brand, to make clear whether they want to be part of the problem or the solution.

The brands, as a banner of business activities, must be sustainable or disappear. And it should be a self-demand of their owners and managers, while demand and a condition of society in general, even because workers require, the politicians regulate or consumers will decide in each of their purchases. The reason is very simple: any mark that is not sustainable for the future of the planet, although that creates jobs and economic activity in the short term, is directly "unsustainable"; and therefore we should all conspire to not succeed, because their success is the failure of the world.

And you, what company do you work for? What brands or products do you consume?  Are you part of the problem or the solution?

Today, knowing the great challenges of the planet, being is neutral is being guilty.

Vote for sustainable development … Bet for sustainable brands

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