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Last Thursday I was lucky to attend the inauguration of the NISSAN ELECTRIC CAFÉ in Paris. An initiative that symbolizes the starting point of a very powerful movement of this brand towards the commitment in the fight for a cleaner present and a more sustainable future.

I have long been following the movements of the major automobile industries in general and Nissan in particular. I think I can say that I have a certain criterion as a person quite expert in the clean energy and sustainability, adding a very committed attitude to the environment and energy efficiency through my outreach and adventure activities, and my track record in the motor world, including 9 Dakar rallies and being the first driver to participate in a 100% electric car.  And I note that within the big manufacturers, Nissan has been the most courageous, active and involved in the promotion of the electric vehicle and the change of course towards a more sustainable mobility.

Inaugurating a cafe in Paris where you cannot pay with money, and you can only order some drinks by generating energy through different innovative human powered systems, is a very curious and interesting event of public relations that, in this case, represents a very important fact. But listening to Gareth Dunsmore, Director of Nissan Electric Vehicles throughout Europe with strong statements (even revolutionary for a leader of a large car industry), caused me a special impact.

The speech that made this Top Manager would be summarized in this paragraph: "The new platform Electrify the World wants to grow a movement that goes beyond cars, uniting people with the goal of using new technologies and clean energy to create more sustainable and efficient communities. We want to promote discussions about the benefits of an electric lifestyle, and demonstrate to our audiences how new technologies can benefit their lives today as well as help improve the lives of future generations"

If we want to move towards a truly more sustainable society, we need all the agents that compose it, and undoubtedly, companies in general and large industries in particular, are one of the most influential. For this reason we should applaud and encourage that one of the leading brands worldwide is committed  with this goal.

It is very important that new businesses or industries start up from the concept of the electric vehicle or clean energy, but when start from zero, they don’t have any conflict and for them it’s quite easy to be consistent with their sustainable goals. But for a world-wide brand like NISSAN , with more than 200,000 employees, strong inertia and a long history based on the combustion vehicle, betting with convincement for an electric and sustainable future, requires great courage. There will be many reluctances at all levels: within the organization itself, in the market, in suppliers and distributors and, of course, in the oil industries. That is the reason why the launch of this movement is so important. It responds to a thoughtful, courageous, long-term strategy that the brand wants to follow firmly, combining it with an economically and socially viable balance with his car manufacturing business up until now.  It is not easy and requires great ambition.

Nissan bet heavily on the electric vehicle in 2010, when almost no major manufacturer was on it, aiming to produce 100% electric cars for the big market. And now all the brands are running to catch the train of vehicles "Zero Emissions". They were pioneers among the big players in the sector, and now they see that the market and society are really going in this direction. They deserve the confidence of both users in general and of all who always preach that the world must react and turn towards a more sustainable way of life and economy.  And they deserve, as well as all the brands or industries of this and all the sectors that bet in that direction that, while pressing them for the part that still have to improve, we recognize the effort and we empower them so that they can continue working and growing having a positive impact for the world.

Information, disclosure and claims are essential. But from time to time the world, society or industry, also brings us good news that we have to enjoy and take use positively. And without any doubt, Nissan’s "Electrify de World" project is one of those opportunities.

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