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We were very sad for Barcelona attack and we felt guilty to make the trip that we had planned in BTT to the Puigmal, but then we thought: why do we have to feel guilty to live in freedom?

Be aware, Jihadists, Terrorists, embittered with life or whatever you are … You will not change our way of living in freedom! You can damage punctually, but the pain passes and our values ​​and our democracy are improving every day. You are losers of history. You have no cause with future, you do not create anything, you will not get anything. The books will tell you were some bastards who had lost the train of the world, and that in their defeat all they were doing was to destroy things and abusing other people in the name of ideas they surely did not understand.

In Barcelona, ​​as before in other cities around us, you have hurt us; but we will heal the scar, paying the price of having destroyed many families, but in a few days we will live exactly the same, moving forward and trying to go ahead, looking to improve gradually today’s and future world. And you will only have a few comments in the press and social networks, and nothing else … it will only be another defeat and one step further into the abyss that you are trying to create for your own families, nations or cultures.

Today from the top of the mountain I looked down and felt very sorry.  I felt sorry for the victims, of course. But also sorry for you, because you do not understand anything or know anything about society, or religions, or your God, or anything. You are only a few people who, faced with the complexity of the world, decide to be frustrated victims who decide creating pain as the only way to be justified, instead of choosing having the courage to fight in order to improve their own lives and society respecting their own values ​​and those of others. I really do feel sorry for you and for all the damage you do to your people beyond the innocent victims of your attacks. In the meantime, your actions only succeed in growing our solidarity and our desire to continue living in freedom, connected with Human Rights and with the commitment to improve our world.

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