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The NISSAN LEAF has been the most sold electric car in history, and now the new version has come out, which represents a huge leap forward in electric mobility available to everyone.

A few days ago I was lucky to attend the European-level presentation event of the car which is destined to continue reigning worldwide in the Zero Emissions sales.

For a convinced on electric cars like me, discovering this fantastic model has been really special, both for its features and attractive design, and for responding to the true commitment of one of the major car manufacturers with sustainable mobility and clean energy.

The car itself left me really impressed. Its 40Kwh battery allows to travel around 280Km without any problem, and up to 350Km with a more efficient driving. Enough autonomy for the vast majority of journeys, and that supposes a good balance in features and purchase price. Apart from its excellent motor performance and autonomy, it is positioned as the spearhead of the best real and practical technology for the mobility that comes. A fantastic system of semi-autonomous driving allows to circulate maximizing safety and in a very relaxed way, to finish parking by himself in an impeccable way. Its battery system allows the use of energy to move the car, and also to deliver it to any system that we want to connect, being able to store electricity for a house or for any other use.

At a time when many brands are promising very special electric models, but with uncertain dates and features, and that some other has already some interesting electric models, but at a prohibitive price, it is appreciated to see that there is a practical, real, affordable and attractive vehicle, that confirms that electric vehicles are already a reality for everybody and for the vast majority of uses. For that reason NISSAN named this car type with an acronym that defined its philosophy for this type of efficient mobility: LEAF, which means “Leading, Environmentally Friendly, Affordable, Family Car”.

But the most important thing at this point is not the car itself, but to note that a leading brand in one of the most important industries in the world, understands and leads a way that goes far beyond vehicles and connects with an electric and sustainable ecosystem. Apart from the apostles and convinced like me, we need that large companies being committed to sustainable development; Therefore, we must congratulate NISSAN for this fantastic model and for its vision and strategy in this regard.

Thanks to the sum of many efforts of brands like this, we can be sure that we are going to win the war for clean energies.

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