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We present THE LAST ICE, a great project of polar adventures focused on environmental awareness.

We are three crazy guys who will cross several frozen lakes and seas of the Arctic to explore and document the effects of climate change, pollution and the retreat of polar ice. At the moment we have planned 4 expeditions: Canada (Great Slave Lake), European Russia (Lake Onega), Asian Russia (Lake Baikal) and North Pole.

The few inhabitants of these areas have hard lives and are very connected to their interaction with nature; and this makes them more aware of the limited nature and resources of their territory, which at the same time are very affected by the accelerated climate change .

The axis of our expeditions will be to relate the story of the adventure with the challenge of communicating the environmental problems of each areain in an exciting, informative and transversal way, in order to provide solutions, commitment and awareness in the short and long term.

The first of these expeditions will take place between March 10th and 20th, and it will take us to make a polar crossing of approximately 170 km , in which we will cross the Great Slave Lake from south to north. From the Indian reservation of Fort Resolution to Yellowknife. The crossing will be done with skis and sledges, completely self-sufficient without external help or mechanical means, sleeping in tents on the ice, at temperatures estimated between -30ºC and -50ºC.

The lake is located in the remote Northwest Territories, touching the arctic circle, being the tenth largest one in the world and the deepest in North America; considered sacred by the Dene tribe, who lives in this remote place on the planet and that once served as guides for Europeans who explored the famous Northwest pass of the Arctic.

Apart from the expedition, we will live with the Dene people, immersed in a very traditional way of life and significantly affected by climate change in their life habits. The effect on permafrost and the scarcity of resources due to climate change is one of the most serious and priority problems they have in their day to day life. And we will all experience it in the first person and we will share it through our communication channels and the documentary that we are going to make thanks to the direction and production of Íñigo Chalezquer

Here we are again, on the way to a new adventure, which will take us to explore remote and sensitive areas of our planet, to share emotions and to fight for a more sustainable future.

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