Nicole Ribera y Albert Bosch

7×7 Marathons for the nature, from May 13th to 19th, 2018

We present a new project in which we encourage you to participate: a double sport and environmental challenge, which will involve running 7 marathons in 7 days always picking up waste.

It is part of the European project LET’S CLEAN EUROPE, and is organized by the Territorial Custody Network (XCT, which groups 150 environmental organizations throughout Catalonia), with the collaboration of the Department of Territory and Sustainability and the Waste Agency of Catalonia.

All those who feel that it is worthwhile to commit themselves to caring for natural environments will be able to participate in this challenge by choosing the distance they want. Nicole Ribera and myself will run 7 marathons in seven days, in different emblematic places of Catalonia, while we collect the waste that we find along the way. And individuals, entities or companies are invited to participate, selecting the section and the stage that suits them best by proximity and distance, sharing a magnificent activity of sport, nature and commitment to the environment. In each stage there will be 3 distance options to participate, which will always end in the final common arrival: 10, 5 and 1Km.

Being part of this collective event is totally free, and only requires that the participants sign a decalogue of commitment to nature, that they register and that they come to run the chosen section picking up waste along the way. It only requires attitude and desire to demonstrate complicity with the natural environment, because neither money nor physical condition will be a limiting factor to participate in the ULTRA CLEAN MARATHON.

A magnificent activity related to a CSR project, which will help us to be more aware that we should be responsible for our impact in the natural environment, and will demonstrate that athletes, passionate about doing activities in the natural environment, beyond enjoying and being healthy, we are committed to nature and we also want to be part of the evolution towards a more sustainable development.

Nobody will run to compete with others, or to overcome or find their limits; here we will all run only for the nature, and to show that beyond using it, we also want to love and protect it.

See all the information on the web www.ultracleanmarathon.cat, and encourage yourself to participate.

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