Passionated for mountains

Many successful people use to simplify life attitudes with expressions like “All you need is passion,” “Live the moment passionately and the rest will come”, “Following your heart is most important”, etc …

This is fine for a nice & sweetish sentence, but is not what will solve your problems and make you achieving your goals.

I speak often about passion in my lectures. But it is such a powerful concept, very often used so superficially, that it would be worth to go a little deeper.

The passion for living or doing any project is an essential energy source any time, but it’s not a final and decisive factor for personal success in any action.

This would fill a full book, but just let’s comment 6 ideas about it:

1) The passion is not just for weekends or for leisure. The passion for a project or idea, should define a person. It is not a hobby or entertainment, but one thing that affects and activates you every day of your life.

2) The passion does not mean only pleasure. If you are really passionate about something/dream/project and want to focus on this, you will need a very hard work, and you will find many obstacles, much suffering, a lot of patience and many fails.

3) Passion is essential for energy and motivation in life in general or in a particular project, but following it uses to have always a fairly high price. A price that always compensates if the passion you feel is authentic and really connected with your vital purpose, but keep in mind that there is always a price to be paid. It is never free.

4) The passion may involve a certain isolation, criticism or misunderstood by your environment. Most people are programmed to follow a certain path in life; and having people around them, that get out of the way in order to follow what they love most, it seems bizarre or even bothers them (Perhaps because it makes them recognize that they do not have enough courage to follow their passion?).

5) The passion is not always maintained. It requires an ongoing task that feed and keep alive the fire and inspiration that gives it all the power. You need to have your references permanently activated.  You have to check out the music, books, lectures, films, places, conversations, emotions and other factors which connect you with our passion in order to keep it at the highest possible level.

6) Passion is something that comes from within; never from outside. We must be clear that a true passion can influence us throughout life.  Therefore we are obliged to require us complete honesty and authenticity to ourselves to permit a certain passion mark our course. And this must be an internal exercise. If we do toward others, or determined by an environment or a particular moment, we make a big error.

Apart from these points discussed and many others we might add, it’s worth to insist that the worst thing would always be not living connected to our passion. The worst failure that we can do, in the end, is living the life that we don’t want.

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