Nobody climbs Everest because a Boss sends it to the summit. Nobody fights for ambitious and valuable projects if they do not believe it, if they do not believe in them, if they don’t make them happy and are part of their illusions or vital purposes.

The authoritarian leadership is totally expired. In today’s demanding and complex environment, only exemplary leadership serves to empower people and maximize their skills and commitment to contribute their talent to the global goal. A leadership that support the team in both positive moments and, above all, in complex moments and possible mistakes.

In any project, we should always ask ourselves what is first, the goal or the people. According to the answer we give to this simple but powerful question, we will develop one type or another of leadership.

I have it clear: first the people with an exemplary leadership to reach ambitious goals and that contribute value to each individual, as well as to the team as a whole and, of course, to the organization in general.

I explain it in this video that we recently recorded for THINKING HEADS (Vídeo in spanish language)

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