Today I have done “THE STAGE”: after the rest day, I left in eleventh position and I have the 9th and 10th to 15 minutes, this meant the last chance to be in the Top 10: Today it was not easy, they announced high temperatures and the distance was long but I found myself in good shape and wanted to try it!

The group of the first 15 we started at 8 o’clock. behind the main group of the race. Everyone was going very fast, We had to run in a dry river of very soft sand for about 7 or 8 Km. I walked the track and everyone went ahead of me, but when the most flat and rolling part arrived, I pushed the rhythm and I’ve been catching people, also at 9th and 10th. I’ve left them behind, It was very hot, between 41 and 45 degrees, and I was forced to drink a lot until I could pee (my goal during the stage).

The body has responded to me, I have supported the heat by rubbing my head and my body in each CP and finally I have taken 25 minutes to the numbers 9 and 10, theoretically I have entered in the Top 10 again! Now I we will see what time margin I have, to try to not get caught again.

Tomorrow the last 26 Kms. They do not scare me! I’m on fire mates and colleagues!

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