One month left to start the second of the polar expeditions of the project THE LAST ICE.

On March 16th we leave for the Russian arctic to cross the ONEGA Lake, the largest in Europe that freezes. A few decades ago the biggest one was LADOGA, but due to the effects of the accelerated climate change that we are experiencing, it no longer freezes.

THE LAST ICE project consists of a trilogy that will take us to cross the main frozen lakes of each continent that borders the Arctic, ending with an expedition to the geographic North Pole; and all this to disseminate from the field and from the thrill of the adventure, the effects on each environment and for the whole world, of climate change and the retreat of the ice.

Last year we reported and documented the serious consequences of global warming for the inhabitants of the northwest territories in Canada and, above all, for the Dene tribes that inhabit them. And this year we will do the same for the European Arctic area that we will visit.

Now we enter the countdown, with a lot of work to prepare all the details, but with the energy we find in the passion to live authentic adventures in really remote places where we will live some days completely autonomous and isolated from all contact with the civilization.

We will share this experience with all of you on this website and on the social networks of the project: TwitterInstagramFacebook, You Tube

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  1. Enrique Hepner 28 February, 2019 at 20:06 - Reply

    Impresionante travesía. No sabes cómo me gustaría ser parte de vuestro equipo. Un sueño loco y simpático. Me encanta estar recibiendo información de vuestro desarrollo. Suerte en todo. Felicitaciones.

  2. Josi Hernansáez Gibert 18 February, 2019 at 11:40 - Reply

    Realment ets un esperit aventurer amb un gran valor afegit de transformació i conceienciació de a societat.
    Gràcies Albert! Agimapeople amb e seu còmplice for ever.

  3. Carles 18 February, 2019 at 08:27 - Reply

    Com sempre tirant endevant…..

  4. Toni Tremosa 17 February, 2019 at 12:06 - Reply

    Gran iniciativa Albert!
    Molt important documenteu i informeu a tothom del gran impacte que la nostra forma de vida te sobre tots aquests ecosistemes extrems i que anem perdent un rera l’altre.
    La primera batalla que em de guanyar és la de la conscienciació.
    Molta força i molta sort.
    Ja ens informaras company!

  5. Edita Olaizola 15 February, 2019 at 16:45 - Reply

    Por favor, haced algo también para que se proteja de alguna forma a los osos, están pasándolo muy mal y tienen muy malas perspectivas. Muchas gracias

  6. Albert Noguer Oms 15 February, 2019 at 16:18 - Reply

    No deixes de sorprendre’m, sort i salut…

  7. Ramon Pratdesaba Ricart 15 February, 2019 at 15:21 - Reply

    Una abraçada, Bosch.

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