After publishing my book “The explorer of the future”, the communication group “GRUPO Z” commissioned me an article/dossier that gathered the 40 answers of experts in different subjects to 40 key questions to understand where is it going the future of the world.

We did a great job of synthesis to identify which were the 40 key issues that would determine where the world would go in the coming decades, and then I selected the persons who were not only a reference in each of the subjects, but who had a clear vision about the trends that could mark the way.

Only 4 of the questions have been answered directly by me, and the others come from the collaborators selected for each one, acting myself only as coordinator.

From today we will be publishing every week on this website the 40 responses.

Without any doubt, we are about to star in the most important moment in the man history since he began to walk on two legs. This century will be the most radical of all times, by scale, by speed and capacity to impact our way of living and relating to the world. I hope that these questions-answers help you understand where things will go and what attitude can us take (as individuals and as community) before the changes that are coming.

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