All ready for the 2nd edition of the ULTRA CLEAN MARATHON, which will take place between Sunday 5th and Saturday May 11th. Will you join us?

Bike, run or paddle, always collecting waste, in order to raise awareness and make everyone commit to the value of the natural territory and the need to take care of it in all aspects. Here we do sport for her, the nature, communicating and practicing values enjoying, striving and experiencing an exciting challenge.

With this challenge, we also help to give visibility to all environmental organizations that take care of the territory and biodiversity in a very persistent and, often, very anonymous way. This year, apart from waste collection, we will cross Catalonia, symbolizing that all territories are interrelated and that it is essential to move towards the concept of Circular Economy. Will we not only be waste collectors, but we will be responsible for the entire product cycle to assess the impact and habits that we must take into account for a more sustainable life for all.

We’ll do 700Km. throughout Catalonia, beginning each stage at the end point of the previous day. The first two stages will be cycling (approximately 200Km. each one), then three running (approximately 50/60Km. each) and the last two kayaking (30Km. each). Leaving Barcelona on Sunday 5th and returning again on Saturday 11th, having toured all the provincial capitals and much of the country.

We are just waiting for you.  We hope to share together a section of this great sports and social event in favor of the natural environment (where we are included, of course).


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