Finished the 2nd edition of this epic sustainable challenge for nature.

We have completed a new edition of this great sport challenge, t going around Catalonia in 7 days, doing 432Km. cycling (2 stages), 152Km. running (3 stages) and 66Km. in Kayak (2 stages), always collecting waste and disclosing environmental awareness and concrete actions to be more sustainable in our day to day life.

  • Stage 1: Bicycle, Barcelona-Tarragona-Lleida (209Km.)
  • Stage 2: Bicycle, Lleida-Seu d’Urgell-Alp-Ripoll (223Km.)
  • Stage 3: Running, Ripoll-Olot (42Km.)
  • Stage 4: Running, Olot-Girona (60Km.)
  • Stage 5: Running, Girona-Blanes (50Km.)
  • Stage 6: Kayak, Blanes-Mataró (38Km.)
  • Stage 7: Kayak, Mataró-Barcelona (28Km.)

Nicole Ribera and me were the two ambassadors who completed 100% of the entire challenge, and in different sections of each stage there was people joining us, committing to the environmental values ​​we promote. It is the first sport event in Spain that is not organized for athletes in nature, but from athletes for nature.

The challenge was a great success:

  • 4,000 participants
  • 64 entities performing cleaning actions
  • 10 environmental entities promoting actions
  • 25 companies and organizations sponsoring or collaborating
  • 3,000Kg. of waste collected
  • Multitude of impacts on media and social networks

Beyond the collection of waste, the circular route throughout the Catalan territory wanted to symbolize the concept of circular economy, because we should not be responsible for the products only in its final phase, but throughout its life cycle, and from all the roles that we can exercise at every moment in society: in the design, in the use of raw materials, in the manufacture, in the distribution, in the sale, in the purchase and in the use and final recycling of the waste.

The Ultra Clean Marathon was done in 7 days because we want to claim that love and respect for our natural environment and for the health of the planet (which is our health) should be exercised every day of the week without exception, whatever we do in every moment

As one of the ambassadors of this great project and as co-leader of the organization I want to thank all the entities that have trusted the event and his efficiency in the coordination of all the factors, all the participants, all the sponsors, and the nature, which offers us a magnificent, beautiful and inspiring space even though we do not treat it how it deserves.

Because the world will not be saved by consciousness, but with action from consciousness. And if athletes we are people of action, we act and invite everyone to act to have a healthier and more sustainable environment in the future.

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