COLLABORATION WITH EUGENOMIC (Personalized genomic medicine)

About my health I am very ambitious and I want to play in the very first division

I’m happy to announce the best sponsorship collaboration I’ve ever had; because apart from the support they provide me, collaborating to promote EUGENOMIC will allow me to be in the super elite of the predictive management of my health, and will allow me to share with many people this important opportunity to lead theirs.

The genomic tests carried out by EUGENOMIC allow us to know our personal genetic map. Genomic Medicine is the science that applies the knowledge derived from the decoding of the human genome for the prediction of individual risks to suffer certain pathologies.

In general, both medications, foods or life habits that are recommended to cure, improve or prevent health problems, are based on generalized population samples, and thus approach fairly reliable information in the common of the people, but with important exceptions or variants in specific cases. There is the fundamental difference: each one is a concrete case that often coincides with the common, but in others it may not; and knowing it is essential when making a diagnosis or establishing any pharmacological, nutritional or lifestyle strategies in general.

In my adventurous slang it would be as if we were navigating using  some general and quite old maps, or with a 3D map made with satellite with an enormous precision and hyper updated information.

We have an excellent medicine that helps us to cure many things, but this happens when you are already in the phase of illness or symptoms of illness. For me there is a much more important preliminary step that depends to a great extent on us: managing our health well so that we can use the medical system the latest possible or only for cases that we have not been able to foresee. I am clear that my health is essential part of my quality of life, and I do not want to stop leading it with all the responsibility and all possible means that are in my hand.

With the information that EUGENOMIC gives me, I am assured of my knowledge of my case and my specific genetic specifications in order to be able to make strategic decisions about my life habits. My goal is very clear: to optimize my health and quality of life, to manage with efficiency and with the least possible speed my aging process and to share it with all of you so that you have this information and consider it as a key option for your own personal strategy.

I am 52 years old and I am perfectly healthy at the moment.  And it is at this point where I want to manage and maintain it as long as it depends on me (which is a lot with the right information and habits). Customized genomic medicine is applied both in the phase of full health, as a predictive action, and in the phase of a disease to get the most out of the use of prescribed drugs and treatments.

The genomic analysis of EUGENOMIC and its subsequent interpretation to apply it to strategic conclusions for each person, should always be done through a doctor who has knowledge of how to manage the information provided by genomic medicine. In my case I am lucky to have one of the best, Marc Lorenzelli. If someone is interested in this topic and does not know any doctor specialized in the subject, the EUGENOMIC laboratories themselves can suggest you one that is appropriate to each case.

At the moment I have started with the “Nutrigenetics” test to adjust the nutrition to my exact genetic conditions. And now I will continue advancing on the issues of Oxidation and performance. I am super motivated with this great opportunity to strategically lead my health from the genetic information that Eugenomic gives me, and I will share it with you according to my experience and knowledge of this whole system.

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