Extract of the article that I have published in the BUSINESS WORLD magazine (June 2019) 

Change, innovation and a passion for exploring the future should be part of the company’s DNA.

When we prepare a new adventure to a totally unknown, uncertain and complex place, we always face the key challenge of composing the right team to face it with the maximum guarantees of success.

And for that, the business/companies world is much more like an adventure than a purely sport or competitive practice.

To create efficient teams and structures in management and leadership in a hyper-changing and uncertain environment, I suggest my “Rule of three thirds”:

  • 1st. Third: Experience. Obviously it is important, but it is overvalued in companies, and if it dominates excessively, it distorts the organization, and creates inefficient structures to change, innovate and adapt to the next radical world.
  • 2nd. Third: Learning. Continuous learning. Authentic mindset to learn and discover new ways of doing things.
  • 3rd. Third: Learning and adaptation on the fly. This is the most difficult ability to detect and empower in members of a team. It is the most scarce in organizations, and the one that will contribute more the success or failure of our project. We can assess the experience to the extent that we believe appropriate, and hire or promote executives more or less objectively. Continuous learning can be organized and detected if we have a team really open to learn and unlearn things. But then we need that all this team is willing to move forward without having everything under control and without having all the necessary capacities (because they are still unknown), but with the maximum commitment and confidence in the project. If we wait to move forward so that we have the whole route controlled and all the capacities prepared, surely we will be late and others will have won the game.

We must decide if we want an organization dominated by dinosaurs or by explorers.

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