• I will be ambassador of this new brand of high performance watches for sport and adventure
  • The lightest of the TOP
  • The best accuracy in all the markers and the most powerful GPS in the industry
  • Battery of very long duration even in extreme conditions

Happy to announce my new sponsorship agreement with COROS, the most innovative brand in watch/computer technology for the practice of sports and adventure.

After collaborating for 7 years with SUUNTO, and being very grateful for the treatment received and for having been able to enjoy the high performance of their devices, it has come to make a change.

And I have fallen in love with the capacity, design and performance of the COROS watches. Apart from being precious, they are the lightest on the market, with a technology at the highest level or one step ahead of the competition in most factors.

For a multi-activity adventurer like me, this tool is very valuable, because I always carry it, in all conditions, for all activities and with a lot of different requirements for each training or for each challenge I do.

During the year I can be doing expeditions in arctic areas, climbing in extreme mountains, crossing deserts, sailing in kayak by seas or rivers or, simply, doing sports in such habitual and exciting modalities as running or cycling.

I have been testing different models of the brand for a month and I am impressed by the accuracy of the markers they have, due to the battery life, its lightness, ease of use and personalization, as well as a great management APP that allows you to get the most out of it in a very intuitive and practical way.

From now on I will share with this super wrist device many hours of passion and magical moments in nature. Thanks to it I will optimize my performance, I will maximize my happiness and I will share experiences with you so that we can live and reflect together on our passion for sports and nature.

More information about COROS:

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