• No one commits to an objective if he does not believe it
  • Without motivated and committed teams, failure is assured
  • Clear, shared and well-accepted objectives are required
  • We must promote empathic leadership and happy collaborators in the professional environment
  • We must talk less about equipment and more about people. Each person is key

No one fights for ambitious goals if he does not believe them and does not really want them. Without committed and motivated people we will only have mediocre teams.

Achieving this commitment is a great challenge, but in this video I contribute three factors that have worked in extreme experiences: Set objectives in a shared way, empathic leadership and understanding that each person is key so that the sum of all individuals is a motivated group and delivered to the goal .

There is only room for high performance teams, and we must create a virtuous circle to empower and catapult our organisation us to success.

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  1. Anna Puig 23 July, 2019 at 20:37 - Reply

    Ras i curt. Totalment d’acord!

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