• 1st Avoid emissions – 2nd Reduce them – 3rd Compensate them if there is no option
  • Agreement with “CeroCO2” to compensate for my emissions and to disseminate the need to fight against Climate Change on this issue
  • All my activities are essentially neutral in CO2 emissions. But the travel part is not and therefore I calculate and compensate it
  • CeroCO2 offers very affordable and reliable solutions to compensate for our arbono footprint

We started a collaboration with the environmental entity “CeroCO2”, in order to compensate for all the greenhouse gas emissions that I cannot avoid in my trips or diverse activities.

For 5 years I have been compensating all the emissions of my displacements thanks to the “Green Kilometers” program, but now we go a step further, and apart from compensating, we will collaborate with this prestigious entity to disseminate on the need to fight against Climate Change at the individual or organizational level at three priority levels: 1st Avoid generating emissions, 2nd Reduce them to the maximum where we cannot avoid them, and 3rd Compensate them when we inevitably generate them.

The CeroCO2 platform helps us calculate our carbon footprint, reduce it once we know it, and compensate it in a very reliable and duly certified way.

All my adventures are neutral in CO2 emissions in their essential activity. I even stopped running the Dakar to be able to fulfill this premise, and do all my challenges and expeditions with elements that are not polluting or dependent on fossil fuels. But it is inevitable for me to fulfill it in the part of air travel when the trips are to distant places. Recognizing where we do wrong and committing to reduce and compensate for it is a basic starting point to move towards sustainability.

I encourage you to enter the web www.ceroco2.org and calculate your CO2 emissions on your trips or in your daily life, and if you are interested, explore their compensation solutions, which are very reliable and affordable.

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