• This Sunday, July 28th, the Gobi March starts in Mongolia
  • 250Km. in 6 stages (7 days) in self-sufficiency
  • We will run through areas of steppes and the Gobi desert of great cultural and landscape value in the Karakorum area
  • I will run 250,000 meters to protect 250,000m2 of a centennial forest of high ecological value
  • Mature forests are seriously threatened and are the ones that have the greatest terrestrial biodiversity

Already in Ulan Bator with the latest preparations to start on Sunday a new running adventure, the Gobi March. A 250Km. self-sufficiency race that in 6 stages (7 days, because there is a stage of almost 80Km. for which we have two days).

I have dedicated many of my adventures to environmental causes, but it is the first time that I link my event to a cause directly in solidarity with nature. And here I will promote the fund raising for the creation of a 25 Hectares large forest reserve in the Milany Forest, a centenary beech in the province of Girona, as the first objective within the project of creating a network of mature forests in Catalonia. These are the part of the nature that have the greatest terrestrial biodiversity and therefore they have a high ecological value that must be preserved at all costs.

I will run 250,000 meters (250Km.), to preserve 250,000m2 (25 Hectares). With 1€ we already protect 100m2 of this forest. We suggest to make a fix amount contribution, or look for the surface compensation formula that you occupy in your home or business to make the equivalent protection. For more information and contributions: HERE

96 runners and runners of 34 nationalities will try to overcome this challenge while they will be passionate about running and walking through magical places in central Mongolia. My bib number is the 15, and although it is very difficult to make forecasts in a challenge of these characteristics due to their uncertainties and the lack of knowledge of the other competitors, I aspire to be in the top 20 in the final goal. I am more adventurer than race runner, but the fact that both modalities are combined here a bit and my experience in many other multi-stage tests usually gives me a better performance than if it were just a running race. Taking all the equipment and food on that back for a week, sleeping on the floor, receiving nothing but water from the organization and perform very long and hard stages, are factors that play in my favor when thinking about the final classification.

It is the second time this race has been held in Mongolia in its 16 editions, as the remaining 14 have been made in the Chinese part of the Gobi desert. And it will allow us to cross the impressive region of the Karakorum crossing immense green grasslands, dunes, rock valleys and mature forests, while we will find temples, stupas and nomadic tribes inhabiting their original tents (Gers). The fourth stage, which is the longest and for which we are given two days, promises to be spectacular, as we will pass through immense steps to the Orkhon Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will be in the center of the ancient empire of Genghis Khan, and this will be noticed everywhere.

You can follow me in the race in the following ways:

Thank you for following me… and do not forget to contribute your small effort also in this challenge of preserving a forest of high ecological value by making the contribution that you can. That nature also needs our solidarity.

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