Today 36 kms stage, all by grassy steppe… At the Km. 25 we had to climb a mountain quite hard, but what was harder to descend, because running down a long time with 10Kg in  my back was painful for my knees, but that’s part of the game, and at  the end I felt good and strong. Right now I am in the 11th place of the classification.

The level of the racers is high, there are runners who are very strong with the race fully studied and a strategy to follow, but also they are people who are going to do a quiet race and enjoy the trip.

The landscapes are brutal, immense … great green plains, interrupted by rounded mountains and surrounded in the background by other higher peaks. We find nomadic shepherd’s huts (called GERS) that take care of small and robust horses, with rough hair, that are really ponies. It’s very authentic, I still don’t understand how the Chinese (who have it very close) haven’t come to cultivate everything.

I run for these plains but internally, please, I beg you? because we must be able  to keep it, protect it, because if something will help us to stop climate change, it is to keep these lungs healthy, eventhough this place is still sane, we have to take care of it. And from here I remind you that in this race I run in solidarity with the Forest of Milany, a hundred year old beech tree that we are trying to protect. I invite you to visit the website www.saveaforest.org and participate actively. Together we can!

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