Second stage of 46’1 Km. with 1042 m. of unevenness.

It’s been raining all night! But we were lucky and during the stage only a fine rain accompanied us.

Today the landscapes we enjoyed were spectacular, but the route was not easy, we have been crossing from one valley to another, climbing mountains, and, in these cases, the weight of the backpack is very noticeable and you have a better chance of falling or twisting an ankle.

I ran the first half of the route, between ninth and eleventh place, but during the second half I decided to slow down so as not to force myself and hold on well to what I have left, especially the 78 Km. stage the day after tomorrow.

I suppose that many of you are about to start holidays, and maybe you will travel to a distant, exotic and precious place: To all travelers (like me) who love the planet, please, look at what “CeroC02” offers us, they help me to compensate the greenhouse gas emissions that I generate in each flight, it is difficult not to travel, either for pleasure or work, but if you do, compensate it with efficient programs to neutralize our carbon footprint. Enjoy!

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