Finished the third stage and I’m very happy! I’m eleventh in the general classification! Today was great! We started climbing a very hard and technical slope and the group gets very dispersed, then there was a technical descent among the trees to reach an area between narrow valleys that led to a community with three monasteries, in the middle of nowhere, another world, a jewel.

Then we ran by plain to the CP2 where they start 9 Km of dunes. From the beginning of the stage we have been running with Amanda de Kock, the first female classified, yesterday we already coincided for a while, but I could not follow her. Today we have done all the stage together and we have passed the dunes at a good pace, we have reached the finish together in seventh place, but it is clear that “Ladies first” and she is now in seventh place and I eighth. It has been a pleasure to have her as a partner!

I am fascinated  with the landscapes and also with the fauna that we are finding: today we have seen camels (of two humps) we have run between flocks of sheep and cows, and tonight I have fallen asleep listening to the howls of the wolves. I had never heard them, I am shocked.

The bad news of the day: A participant broke my stick, and you don’t know how much it hurts right now. I use sticks always, they save my knees. I solved it with a wooden stick.

I feel very good for the big stage tomorrow (76Km), but with a lot of respect, because every day they abandon runners, especially those who run more, I must manage my strength and my body well not to break. Tomorrow I don’t know what time I will arrive and if I will be able to pass chronicle, but soon you will have news from me. Send me energy!

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