Today I enjoyed one of the most perfect stages and with better results of my career; my friends, I ended in third place in this part of 76Km. I am totally happy, because I also feel very good physically!

I’ll tell you about it: We came out 3 runners of us who agreed to go together, Amanda de Kock South African, who we were together yesterday (first female classified at the moment), and Simone Haastrup from Norway, both very strong and expert. We have been running and walking fast on the slopes, at a pace ideal for me: fast but without being forced, we have been fed and hydrated consciously because it was very hot (40º), we were constantly going up and down hills and small mountains. We have started to find runners with problems and we have passed them up to the Km.50 that we have placed in the fourth place, the three together. We were doing well, when suddenly we saw the third classified far away, my teammates saw that I had the strength to reach it and they encouraged me to try and I threw myself like a madman until I caught it! I finished third!

I’m in good shape, but I think there are two key points that have allowed me to reach this good result: the group that led the test has not known how to regulate themselves, they pushed too hard and many have paid for it. And another point: among the 10 fastest runners none had any sticks, I don’t understand it, they relieve the legs, they save you energy going up and cushion impacts going down, a serious mistake from my point of view.

I was about to step on an huge snake, I saw it in time and I have lengthened the step, they are not dangerous but a bite can be an unpleasant experience.

It is the first time that I run an adventure race of this hardness feeding on a totally vegetarian diet and I’m on fire! Thank you Muchmore!

Right now I’m resting and recovering myself until tomorrow (Today rest stage) I have cooled my legs 30 minutes in a river of icy water. I’ve got two stages left, but I think the hardest part is over.

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  1. Xavier 1 August, 2019 at 17:09 - Reply

    Congrats Albert! Eres un ejemplo a seguir, por tus valores. Adelante!

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