Albert has not been able to communicate with us today, so, the information we have is from the Gobi March website, but what we do know for sure, is that he has won the stage!

And we can also ensure that he will be absolutely happy. The organization of the event highlighted today the meritorious race that Albert has done, as he has increased the pace as the days went by to end up winning a stage (42’5 Km. in 4’30 hours) and getting fifth overall. Albert a congratulatory hug from everyone!

Today’s stage could be titled “From the river to the forest” because the participants have done this, they have started early crossing rivers in the plain to continue, in constant ascension, climbing into lush forests of centenary trees. Albert has come first and the second has been Stefan Zuber, from Switzerland, at 1.30 m. We believe that Stefan has been the winner of the Gobi  March 2019.

Albert’s two companions, Amanda and Simone have entered together and have qualified in seventh and ninth place respectively.

Tomorrow we hope to have fresh news and impressions of Albert. Thanks a lot for your support!

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