• I present this course in the e-learning platform “Cursiva School”
  • Discover the key attitudes to lead your future, manage change and add value
  • Explore, draw up a plan and lead the path that will take you to your goal
  • One hour video course at the cost of only € 30 (In Spanish language)

Recently I joined the panel of experts of the E-Learning platform “Cursiva School” promoted by the publishing group Penguin Random House.

It is a one hour course where I develop the theme of “How to lead your future”. In it I give an approach that serves both to your personal and professional life, provoquing and inspiring to discover the key attitudes we need to dare to explore the exciting future that lies ahead in a positive way, with optimism, a lot of effort and solid leadership, in order to achieve our goals.

The goals of the course are: Be aware of the moment you live, Draw a plan, Manage attitudes, Provide value and Lead the future. All this structured in 6 very defined sections that will allow to obtain a practical application of the content for each person.

For more information and hiring the course: HERE

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