• 10 months of Adventure and Sustainability actions related to water, which will culminate with the integral descent of the Ebro river in Kayak
  •  In spring we will cross the largest river in Spain from its birth to the Mediterranean Sea
  • Raising awareness about the environment in general and about water as an essential resource for our life and the biodiversity of the environment
  • A prototype of waste collection from the Kayak is being developed with the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia)
  • This Sunday starts the BLUEBRO TEST, the first preparation phase of this great adventure

After long months of work, the BLUEBRO project is already a reality, and is launched with a lot of ambition, important support and illusion to work both for the success of the adventure of descending the Ebro river in Kayak integrally, and for the success of the dissemination and activation of sustainable habits in relation to everything related to the “Water” resource.

This adventure is composed of various phases of technical and conceptual development, which will involve about 10 months of sports and informative activities, finishing with the challenge of descending the Ebro river paddling from the point of his birth in Fontibre to the Mediterranean Sea.

The two eco-adventurers we lead this project are Iván Galofré and I, and we will perform the first stage between Fontibre and Reinosa walking and loading the Kayaks (as it is a non-navigable section), and the 930 km entirely in Kayak for three weeks.

Crossing a total of 7 autonomous communities, we will put the project at the service of the dissemination of all sustainability concepts related to water: Management/Use, Health, Biodiversity, Pollution/Purification, Inter-territoriality and the challenges that Climate Change will entail.

Together with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia), a waste collection system has been developed to be activated from the Kayak when we have garbage in sight, and without interfering with the normal navigation.

The project has the support of different brands that are very interested in the values ​​that this adventure represents, among which the SUEZ Group and ROCA (through its “We are Water” foundation) stand out.

This Sunday we begin the first of the events of this project, with a week of descents of different sections of the High, Medium and Low Ebro, to know and train the most delicate points, planning perfectly the development of the route and documenting the different environments that we will meet in spring.

You can follow the project both on the website www.bluebro.org and on their Twitter or Instagram accounts: @bluebroproject

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  1. John Diplock 20 September, 2019 at 11:18 - Reply

    Congratulations Albert, a fantastic project..

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