• People who care for forests and forests that care for people
  • Uniting professional skills with environmental values and purposes is one of my greatest satisfactions
  • I was the keynote speaker and MOC (Master of ceremony) of the congress opening ceremony
  • 250 people registered in this four-day congress

I have been collaborating for a long time with the SELVANS Association and with the XCN (Nature Conservation Network) in different environmental protection and dissemination projects. And specifically we are working on the preservation of an ancient forest of great ecological value (Milany Forest) to be the first step to create a large network of mature forests of high value.

This week these two organizations have organized in Girona the largest world congress on the potential of forests in health, which represents a very important factor for humans and so that they also have an interest in preserving these special forests.

Within my collaboration with them, I was able to conduct the opening ceremony of the congress last Monday, October 7. And when you can unite your professional abilities (this case as a speaker and presenter), with their vital purposes, you feel happy, useful and meaningful.

More info about the congress: www.selvans.ong

I share the video summary of this opening session, so that you can see a bit of the atmosphere that was breathed in this congress, where a total of 250 people of different nationalities will participate, during the 4 days of duration.

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