• Finished the first phase of recognition of the Ebro river to prepare the integral descent in Kayak in 2020
  • We have done a detailed study of each part of the river, training the key points, testing material, planning the necessary logistics and preparing graphic material for the project
  • It is confirmed that it will be a much more complex adventure than it may seem at first glance
  • The key issues to be addressed at environmental and sustainability level have been identified in relation to the “Water” resource
  • The project promoters are convinced that BLUEBRO will be a very valuable project both at the adventure level and the projection of sustainable values

During the last 10 days of September the BLUEBRO TEST has been completed.  This has been the activation phase of the BLUEBRO project, which will consist of the complete descent in Kayak of the largest river in the Iberian Peninsula in spring 2020.

The BLUEBRO TEST has been an intense work to be able to fulfill all the proposed goals: Recognition of the entire route identifying the most critical points due to difficulty, danger or special circumstances to be taken into account. Descent of some sections by way of training, knowledge of the specific point and proof of material. Develop a logistics and contingency plan to maximize the chances of success of the final challenge. Identify “in situ” the relationship of the route to be carried out with all the key issues that will be addressed at the level of sustainability and environment connected to the resource “water”. And finally make a lot of graphic material to be able to use it during the communication and preparation of all the months prior to the integral descent.


It’s curious that the adventure of integrally descending the Ebro river from its source to the sea is not perceived as a project that is too difficult for the general public. But when you enter into it deeply, you can verify the enormous complexity of it and why in history there are less than 10 success stories in the realization of the integral descent.

80% of the route does not present special technical difficulties. But the distance itself and the number of stages it will entail, make it a major challenge to be able to complete the challenge. It is also not very difficult technically to make a walking/running tour through a desert, a mountain track or a road, but if one has to run a daily marathon for 20 or 25 days, it will become a major challenge despite doing some few kilometers is technically easy.  Well, the same goes for the Ebro: making a small section of this 80% of the route is very affordable; but accumulating 930 like this, for about three weeks at the rate of about 8 hours of paddling a day, makes the execution of this adventure highly demanding.

Then there is the other 20% of the route, which already presents greater technical difficulties due to the rapids that are especially in the part of the Alto Ebro between Reinosa and Logroño; some sections very isolated and with little or no escape or access of support and emergency teams, such as the Ebro Canyon in the Merindades; and multiple delicate and dangerous points both for the conditions of the water course or for other elements that must be managed correctly.


The sport/ adventure challenge will be connected with all the environmental challenges that will be observed in the first person from within the river. It is not the same to see the river from civilization, than to see civilization from the river. And in this project we want to contribute a different point of view on the relationship of society with water and all the elements related to it.

Only in this phase of the project have we been able to verify many sensitive points in this relationship of humans and the rest of the Ebro environment: invasive species, pollution, agricultural uses, waste, management of minimum flows, progression of rainfall and water level estimates in the future, etc.


The BLUEBRO project has been born and evolves with a clear Objective and Purpose:

Objective: to achieve an integral descent of the Ebro river from Fontibre to the Mediterranean Sea.

Purpose: dissemination of environmental awareness through everything related to water and activation of more sustainable habits regarding this particular element and the environment in general.

Therefore, this phase of activation and planning of the project was very necessary, at the same time that a long months of much work and preparation of this great eco adventure are now activated so that it is a success both in the Objective and in the Purpose of it.

From now until the beginning of the integral descent, a series of sports and outreach activities will be developed to train, plan and add value in all aspects related to this event.

We invite you to follow all the evolution and generation of content both to the Bluebro website and on the Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts.


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