Extract of the article that I have published in the BUSINESS WORLD magazine

So bad is a good goal with an inappropriate team, like a great team without a motivating goal and that brings value.

What is the purpose of your organization? What mountain do you want to climb? Are you a Tibidabo or Everest team?

When we define the Strategic Plan and the goals of a company, surely nobody plans the conformist option and of little added value that, metaphorically, means choosing Tibidabo (Mountain of 516 meters high located in Barcelona). And it is very likely that the management team chooses to set another goal of the Everest type to face the future with ambition and confidence. But then, rarely act accordingly creating or developing teams aligned with the proposed goal.

If we are too ambitious with the goals or the teams are not prepared and committed to them, the failure is assured and in addition, there will be an organization stressed, overwhelmed, inefficient and vulnerable to any incident. And if we are not very ambitious, surely the goal will always be achieved, although creating little value, competing where everyone is and with a well-off team not suitable for talented people, and without future trajectory and interest.

Goal and team always go hand in hand, and reflecting well on that balance will always be the best investment any company can make.

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