Extract of the article that I have published in the BUSINESS WORLD magazine

The business world no longer needs professionals who work hard, but professionals who apart from working hard are willing and able to add value with their work.

We cannot always be one of the best in the world in some specialty, or we cannot be for a long time; but we can always be one of the most efficient and create value from other parameters.

The era based on the culture of dry effort has expired. Now effort is also essential, logically, but it no longer makes a difference. The key is to add value with the effort. If we do not understand this we will not succeed in our professional or business projects.

Until a few decades ago, the effort almost always had a prize. One used to set up a small business with effort and had a very high chance of success. One used to work hard in a company and thrived in that organization or in the sector. One used to study a career (effort), and had an almost assured future. But this is not and will never be like this again. Now effort is essential but doesn’t necessarily have a prize.

The era of the culture of effort is dead, long live the culture of value contribution!


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