LIVING TO FEEL ALIVE – English version of my best selling book

  • “LIVE TO FEEL ALIVE” is my personal Best Seller, available so far in 4 languages: Spanish, Catalan, French and Portuguese.
  • SPIRA EDITIONS has translated and edited it in English and is already on sale in different channels.
  • A book based on my expedition to the South Pole, but written focusing personal leadership and management of vital project.

The English version of my personal best-selling book is now available in some shops in England, on Amazon, on Kindle and on the Online Store of my website.

“Living to Feel Alive” explains my adventure of crossing Antarctica integrally from the coast to the South Pole, where I was on the ice for 67 days: 4 advancing with a partner, 15 blocked in the store due a great storm, and then I continued alone and isolated from all life for 48 days until I reached the goal. It is a book based on an extreme and shocking adventure, but written as a reflection on self-leadership in our vital projects and our ability to pose exciting challenges.

For a non-English author, it is very difficult to be published in this language, and I am very happy and grateful to the small publishing house “Spira Editions” for having fallen in love with this book and having asumed the adventure of translating and editing it in the most global language of our times.

For those who do not want to live their life in conditional; for those who are willing to have the courage to be faithful to their passion; for those who understand it as essential to think/philosophize, be inspired and self-know before, during and after acting; for those who believe that at the end the important thing is to take action, I am sure that this book will make them spend some pleasant moments, will make them connect with themselves and help them to live feeling very alive.

You can buy it directly on our Online web, or also find it on Amazon or in Kindle version.

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