• It seems that COP25 will be a new disappointment in view of the urgent need for climate change measures, but despite these, these summits are necessary.
  • It means creating a world forum to discuss and agree global solutions to global problems.
  • They are a great action of information and awareness for the whole society.
  • They establish a unit of measure on the urgency and level of non-compliance of world leaders.

The United Nations COP25 Conference on Climate Change is about to conclude in Madrid, and I was able to participate last Tuesday there, in the “Climate Assembly” event organized in the Agora (Green Zone) by the “Community for the Climate”.

And at this point, we again foresee a great disappointment because the urgency of the problem is observed in parallel to the unwillingness to commit from the majority of countries, which prioritize their national economic interests to the global challenge we face as humanity.

Despite this predictable and terrible disappointment, I consider it essential to hold these summits, and I justify it basically for 3 reasons:

1) GLOBAL FORUM: It is a prove that humanity’s great challenges (especially the “Climate Crisis” and other serious environmental problems) overcome the sovereignty of nations. Even if one party does the right thing to solve them, if the others do it wrong, it won’t help. Although the small island of Samoa (and other Pacify islands of the Pacific) totally renounce fossil fuels, they will also sink into the sea if all other states do not act. And these forums are, at a minimum, steps forward or necessary attempts to establish frameworks for discussion and negotiation of global agreements in the face of global emergencies and strategies.

2) GREAT AWARENESS ACTION: Only its celebration puts on the agenda the magnitude of the problem and causes the entire world society to be aware of proven information and the need to take action and act immediately, both by governments and large companies, and on the part of each citizen in their daily lives.

3) UNIT OF MEASUREMENT: Although it is a disappointment, even if no key agreements are reached, although a large part of the agreements taken are breached, even if the measures to be taken are postponed, and even if it is considered by many as a scam; when the COP is held, there is at least one UNIT OF MEASURE from which all societies, governments and organizations can verify how much we fail, how much we cheat, how much we don’t comply and how much we procrastinate.

But we can only demand if we also demand to ourselves. Therefore, whatever the final decisions of governments at COP25, and whatever applications they make of them, each of us must ask ourselves as of today what we are going to change from our habits of life, and in what are we going to commit while we demand to the world leaders to take more effective measures. Only in this way will we arrive at COP26 with greater pressure and more force on the part of all citizens, and will cause world leaders to really put themselves in the task of saving the planet and all humanity with it.

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  1. Oscar Guirado Boguñá 17 December, 2019 at 13:35 - Reply

    Fins que el plaeta digui prou, i el respecte al medi sigui una realitat per imposició natural en llloc de una elecció dels Estats i persones. Quan no tinguem electricitat, tornarem a l’hort i a respectar el planeta. Que tirst que sembli que la única manera sembli que pugui ser el tornar a les arrels sense poder avançar en desenvolupament sostenible.

  2. Rafael Galán Gandia 13 December, 2019 at 18:00 - Reply

    Eetem en un moment de evolució humana e n que un instant de satisfacció val mes que mil anys de vida.
    Els humans hem robat tot allò que la natura ens oferia per compartir en armonia i l’hem utilitzat per obtindre instants de sobre-valoració de la nostra raça.
    Explotem la natura sense mirament ni consciència, ens explotem els uns als altres només per ser superiors i al final tots morirem per extinció.
    La terra també s’extinguira però abans del que li tocaria per les accions prepotents de, teòricament, la raça dominant intel·ligent.

  3. Juana 13 December, 2019 at 16:01 - Reply

    Pues sí Albert, todavía hay gente que se vanagloria de no reciclar ;( pero a base de machacarnos el mensaje poco a poco se irá avanzando y todos debemos tomar conciencia.

    Un abrazo grande.

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