• We open a selection process to look for the third member of the team that will make the integral descent of the Ebro river in Kayak.
  • Candidates between 18 and 30 years old with university or higher degree (FP) studies (courses or ongoing).
  • With this new member we will complete an intergenerational team that will represent 3 views of sustainable leadership.
  • Deadline for Candidacies until February 29 and final selection at the end of March.

We begin a process for selecting an adventurer who accepts the challenge of preparing the integral descent in Kayak of the Ebro river from the source until the sea, raising awareness and activating sustainable attitudes through its connection with water.

We are looking for a person between 18 and 30 years old who dreams of living an exceptional adventure in total connection with nature and the values ​​of preservation and change of mentality towards her for the whole society.

Beyond the sport challenge, BLUEBRO is a project to raise awareness and promote sustainable leadership through an adventure in the largest river in Spain. That is why we are going to select a young dreamer and fighter; completing an intergenerational team that will allow to communicate and reflect from different points of view through the challenge we propose:

  • UN-Usual Leader: Iván Galofré (63 years old), representing and questioning a leadership that has been taking place since the half of the last century, which although it has brought a lot of progress to humanity, it has also normalized very harmful practices for our relationship with the planet and the environmental and social consequences that this implies
  • Transformation Leader: Albert Bosch (53 years old), representing a generation of leaders who have encountered challenges that have called into question all the parameters with which they had been working, and now they must resist changes and defend the current “modus operandi” or become leaders of the transformation that our society and our planet requires.
  • Future Leader: The candidate we are looking for (maximum 30 years old), representing the generation of new leaders, very prepared and aware of the great environmental and social challenges we face, and that will affect them and the following generations.

Basis of the selection process and more information in the specific section “CHALLENGE” of the BLUEBRO website.

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