• Responsible leadership pursues his interests in balance with common interests.
  • We are not interested in more leaders if they do not add the adjective “responsible” to the expression.
  • It’s time to choose between being a selfish or intelligent person/leader/organization.

We don’t need any more leaders.  In order to move towards a sustainable future and face all the key challenges we have, we need only leaders who agree to always put that word next to the adjective “Responsible”; because the responsible leader is the one who pursues the objectives and results of his or her project, taking into account the positive and negative impact this has on society and the environment.

We must pursue our goals with ambition, passion and determination, but first we must ask ourselves the key questions to determine the limits of our action and the ethics, values and philosophy of each project.

We must choose between being societies/organizations/persons who are selfish (only care about their interests) or intelligent (pursue their interest in balance with the common interest).  Organizations are key agents in managing the present and building the future, and if we want a sustainable future we need responsible leadership that is committed to it.

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  1. Gustavo Jose Da Silva 11 February, 2020 at 07:41 - Reply

    Hola .
    Me llamo Gustavosoy brasileño ??, tengo 30 años ,vivo en España más precisamente ,en Eibar Gipúzkoa
    He visto el post en Instagram y me interesó mucho la aventura ,me gusta sentir y conocer cosas nuevas , sentir la adrenalina en la venas , me encanta el deporte .
    Me gustaría mucho ser el tercer integrante de ese equipo .

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