Extract of the article that I have published in the BUSINESS WORLD magazine (January 2020)

To create a sustainable world, we need responsible leaders who pursue their goals in balance with the common interest.

Before considering any project we should ask ourselves some key questions. For example:  Is everything allowed to achieve our purpose?  Are there limits to the pursuit of results? or What is first, the objective or the people? And we should also ask ourselves what we bring to society, positively and negatively, by working towards our goals. The answers to these kinds of questions will determine the philosophy, values and ethics of our organization and the projects we lead.

Responsible leadership is one that pursues its results with perseverance, passion and ambition, but at the same time takes into account the consequences of that process and is committed to the social and environmental impact it entails.

Organizations are key agents in managing the present and building the future, and if we want a sustainable world, we need responsible leaders who are committed to it.

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