• Every day during this crisis a mini video on the ATTITUDE we need in this moment (and in general).
  • You can follow it here in the website or through my social networks.
  • These are complicated moments, but they are also very interesting and we must make the most of them.

We are all affected in one way or another by this Coronavirus mega-crisis. In my case, apart from the concern for the health of my family and the whole society and the concern for the global economy, it has left me directly out of work from conferences and courses until the end of April at least.

The good part is that I will have enough time as I am basically confined to home for about two weeks (for the moment), and I have decided to share with you every day a mini video of key factors about THE ATTITUDE WE NEED at this critical time, starting with the parallelism with my solo expedition to Antarctica where I was 15 days blocked with a partner in a tent and then 48 days totally alone and isolated to reach the South Pole.

I am not a doctor or a nurse, or a policeman, or a fireman, or a carrier, or any other profession that can provide an essential basic service at this time; but I have a lot of experience in communicating and reflecting on personal and professional ATTITUDES, and at least I offer this for anyone who can need or appreciate it.

Uncertainty, blockade, loneliness, fear, lack of vision, doubts, working on confidence, trying to keep a positive attitude, etc, are some of the elements that emerged in this extreme journey and now I will share with you here or through any of my social networks.

The video will be only in Spanish to reach as many people as possible throughout Spain and Latin America. I would like to do it in English too, but it requires more preparation for me and if I want it to work and be agile, I need to go fast in all the content management.

I wish you a good journey and invite you to share it with me in this way.

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