• Don’t fail in what depends on you because the environment will be very uncertain, complex and risky.
  • Doing your homework well prepares and empowers you to overcome obstacles.
  • Stability and security must be found in ourselves, not in the environment.

#CoronAttitude – THE JOURNEY #1

We can talk about this Coronavirus crisis in particular or we can talk about the present and future in general, and it will be easy to agree that this is and will be uncertain, complex and full of risks. Therefore it will be key to apply a clear concept that we have in the adventure: “Do well what depends on you”. Don’t fail in this part because it is the only one you can control.

Doing your homework well prepares you better and is what gives you confidence and empowers you to be able to face the obstacles and multiple problems that you will surely find along the way.

In this moment we are facing an absolutely uncertain scenario that we cannot control; therefore it is essential that we do not look for stability and security in the environment, as we will not find it in the short or medium term. We must work on it and find it within ourselves, as individuals, as teams or as organizations.

Don’t stay only in complaining, in victimhood, in anxiety or in complaints, and dedicate yourself to do very well the part that does depend on you. From you to yourself, to your immediate environment and to all of society – that is your confidence and the basis of your success!

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