• In critical situations we have to decide and act WELL and FAST.
  • Some key factors that can make a difference: humility, out of prejudice, look for good sources of information, do not repeat errors and be really practical.

#CoronAttitude – LA JOURNEY #2

In critical situations we have to decide and act WELL and FAST. And getting those two things done at the same time is no easy task. At that point there will be several key factors that can make a difference. The list would be long, but I will mention some that I think are indispensable:

HUMILITY: Not to think that we know too much.

OUT OF PREJUDICE: Forgetting what was useful for another situation or the customs of the past.  Now the reality is different.

LOOK FOR GOOD SOURCES: Listen and learn from those who know, the real experts; and forget about infuencers, celebrities, opinion makers, politicians or demagogs who speak without a clue.

DO NOT REPEAT ERRORS: It’s okay to learn from your mistakes, but sometimes that comes at a high price; and if someone has failed on a subject before, it’s much better to learn from the mistakes of others.

BE PRACTICAL: You don’t have to be an expert on the subject. It’s not about writing a book or having big discussions about the matter which affects us. The important thing is to manage the required information in order to decide with agility and accuracy very important things to overcome the crisis, for our individual and collective health and welfare, and for our professional issues.

How we react and decide to act in these situations is something that is very serious and will have important consequences; it is not a drill and it directly affects our lives at a key moment.

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