• It’s not true that things will always change for the better.
  • Be prepared for the worst, but fight for the best.
  • Being positive is that you will always be okay and do your best, no matter how things go.

#CoronAttitude – THE JOURNEY #4

Life is an adventure and it is not always true that things will change for the better and that the bad will pass. Sometimes problems are solved and sometimes they get bigger; and you have to understand them and face them as they come.

We are all in need of positive messages, but it does not work on the basis of nice quotes or naïve messages that can raise the spirits one moment, but then serve little to really manage our situation.

We must always be on our guard, prepare for the worst, but logically trust and fight so that everything goes better

Being positive doesn’t mean believing that things will always be okay, but thinking that no matter how things go, you will always be okay and always do your best.

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