• Our main mission is to unite what we do with what we want to do.
  • We will always lose if both concepts are far apart and we will always win if they are united.
  • We must invest quality time in reviewing what we want and don’t want, so that we can get to know each other better and be authentic.

#CoronAttitude – THE JOURNEY #5

Seeking and taking advantage of quality time to reflect on ourselves is a great opportunity to review what we want and what we don’t want from our lives.  Sooner than later we will face key decisions, and it will be important to take them from that authenticity.

Our main mission in life should focus on trying to unite as much as possible what we do with what we want to do. It’s hard to unite both completely, but at least we should keep them very close. If what we do is far from what we want to do, we will always be losers, even if what we do is good for us and we succeed economically or socially, in the end it was what we didn’t want to do, and we will be frustrated or unhappy anyway. But if what we do is connected to what we do want to do, we will always succeed, even if we do badly or have great difficulties, because we are being authentic and faithful to what we are and what we want from life.

Let’s take advantage of our time to get to know each other better and connect with our authenticity.

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