• We may not be able to reach a distant goal, but we can certainly go a little further.
  • Putting us more feasible milestones in the final direction that give us confidence and security.
  • Facing so much uncertainty, let’s move forward step by step.

#CoronAttitude – THE JOURNEY #6

Sometimes we don’t feel able to reach our goal, but we certainly feel able to go a little further.

If we change our priorities to more short-term and achievable goals, but maintaining the same final direction, our insecurity and mistrust will change to security and confidence in our ability to achieve that next milestone.

Very often our final goal is so far away, so uncertain and so complex that it can become our enemy, even blocking us, and causing us to lose confidence and motivation.  That is why in these situations we must be very clear about which direction to take, but not obsess over our final goal and focus on the next step.  Only if we do this next step well, can we do the other.  Facing so much uncertainty, let’s move forward step by step, and in the end we will surely have come very far and possibly very close, or even, where we wanted to go.

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