• Behind the beautiful part of everyone’s life there’s always a harder side.
  • It’s more important how we perceive reality than reality itself.
  • Courage is measured when things get complicated.

#CoronAttitude – THE JOURNEY #7

We all have an INSTAGRAM life. If you look at mine you will think it’s fantastic, but as always, behind what you see there is a lot of work, many problems, frustrations and sad episodes.

Everyone has problems and goes through very difficult times during their lifetime, but at this point we must be clear that the most important thing about reality is not reality itself, but the perception and vision we have of it and the attitude we adopt from there. A negative situation can destroy or catapult you.

Courage is a factor that should not be measured when everything is going well, but precisely when things get complicated. There we gather all our evolution, our preparation and our character. And in front of the challenges that life will present us for sure, we always have the great responsibility of deciding whether we are going to be VICTIMS or FIGHTERS.

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