• Limits exist and managing them is key to life.
  • Before acting, we must think carefully about the limits within which we want to move.
  • There are physical, risk or value limits (individual, social or environmental).

#CoronAttitude – THE JOURNEY #8

All of us who have lived through extreme experiences are aware that LIMITS DO EXIST, and that managing them is key to moving forward in life.

In sport and in society in general, the idea that “There are no limits” or that “Everything is possible” has become too commonplace, but it is not true.  Whoever says that is either a theorist, or an unconscious person, or has done nothing really powerful in life, or worse, has no red lines in their value system.

I don’t want to climb a mountain with someone who doesn’t believe in limits, because whoever finds them doesn’t come back to write a book.

I am the first who believes that we must be ambitious, proactive and fight for our dreams and projects, but understanding that there are always limits, both at the PHYSICAL level, as well as RISKS or VALUES (individual, social or environmental).

And before we act, we must take time to reflect and connect with each other to decide which limits we do not want to accept, and which we do accept or even decide to impose on ourselves.

People, societies and leadership without limits represent a great risk for themselves and for others.

Fighting for our objectives in balance with our individual and collective capacities and values is the only way to move to a prosperous and sustainable future.

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