• The mind is very powerful but can be very treacherous.
  • If we let fear rule us, we’ll be too weak to act right.
  • We must train the mind to focus on positive thoughts.

#CoronAttitude – THE JOURNEY #9

THE MIND is a VERY POWERFUL tool, but for both the positive and the negative; and at each point it can decide which side to pull. And be aware that it can be VERY TRAITORY, because it is not designed to be happy or to achieve great goals, but to survive. She always looks for the easiest, most comfortable and safest way, and it is very easy for her to be dominated by negativity and fears.  And if this happens, we lose our serenity and confidence, we will believe anyone, we will be manipulable, disciplined and obedient. We will be weak and we will no longer be able to think and act well, much less in freedom.

Therefore, just as we train the body to be healthy and strong, we must train the mind and always focus it on positive thoughts, so that it works in a more favorable framework no matter how complex the situation is; and thus it is stimulated, it draws energy and makes us sprout the courage and strength to fight.

And this is a task that we CANNOT DELEGATE IN ANY WAY. We must become THOUGHTS TAMERS.

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