• Knowing how to be alone is key to connecting with others.
  • 3 key factors: Self-knowledge, Self-control and Self-motivation.
  • To relate to the world, first relate you with yourself.

#CoronAttitude – THE JOURNEY #10

It all starts in the connection with ourselves. To connect with friends, partners, co-workers or society in general, we must first connect with ourselves and learn how to be well alone.

For self-knowledge, for self-control and for self-motivation. From this comes empathy, social skills and the ability to relate, to work in teams, to be good citizens, to be good leaders, to love, etc.; and also, and above all, to overcome problems or face critical situations. Because when they arrive, and they always arrive, if you do not know how to dialogue with you and if you do not know your fears, your strengths, your values, your purposes or your motivations, you will be weak, you will be blocked and you will not be able to manage the situation.

Always the first step, before you relate to the world, is to know how to relate YOU WITH YOURSELF.

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