• The mediocre political leadership that has been dominating us will disappear.
  • Intense times are coming and intense leadership is sure to emerge.
  • There will be a great battle between powerful positive and negative leaderships.
  • It will require empowered citizens committed to the future.

The time of WEAK POLITICAL LEADERS is over.

It will continue with some inertia in the short term, but they will disappear and new, more powerful and intense leaderships will emerge. But be aware that these can be very positive or very negative.

We have long been dominated by mediocre leaders, because society has tolerated it by being more or confortable, feeling safe and seeing possibilities for improvement. But they no longer have a way to go ahead. Intense times are coming and for sure there will be intense leaders.

There is a high risk that the new leadership will be toxic, authoritarian and creator of more problems. In moments of great uncertainty, people have fear and it is easy to trust one of this powerful but negative leaders, with or without their democratic direct approval.

But it is also a great time for positive, humanistic and sustainable leadership to emerge. And they will find very good ground to sow a new approach to local policy integrated into the common good of their territory in balance with global challenges.

These are times to be very alert. It will be time to act as mature citizens and not just as simple consumers who vote every 4 years for the one who says the funniest sentence, and to be more demanding, but on the basis of personal action and commitment in line with what we are asking for.

There will be a great battle between responsible and prosperous leadership and authoritarian and toxic leadership, and it will determine our future. These are not times for resigned and affluent societies. These are times for empowered citizens committed to the future.

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