• I will be a brand ambassador for this GPS devices in order to share values of adventure and sustainability.
  • The best technology at the service of our passion for the outdoors with maximum safety.
  • We are united by a clear commitment to promote together the protection of the natural environments that we enjoy so much in our activities.

Last Friday, coinciding with World Environment Day, we signed a sponsorship agreement with GPS’s TwoNav brand. 

Collaborating with this brand is very special for me, because I am a great user of GPS devices in all my adventures and sports activities, and I have been using this brand for last 6 years, and I am in love with it.  Now we will work together, and I will become an advanced user and ambassador of these TOP devices, perfect for 3 key factors in outdoor activities: 

  • Exploring exciting environments 
  • Planning and security 
  • Connection and commitment to nature 

Apart from the technology and the high quality of its products, with TwoNav we are united by some key factors that we want to share: passion for adventure and risk management, with a high commitment to the environment and sustainability. 

Thank you for your trust and for allowing me to share your philosophy #FreedomToDiscover 

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