• Today we start rowing at the source of the Ebro river (Fontibre), to cover the 930Km of the longest river in Spain for 3 weeks.
  • The aim of the project is to disseminate information about the environment and suggest sustainable habits and attitudes through a great sport challenge that runs through 7 autonomous communities.
  • The first one will be very symbolic, and the shortest one of the whole route. 10Km to go from the source to Reinosa and face the Ebro reservoir on Friday and the difficult whitewater areas of Arroyo de Ebro.

Today, Friday 21st of August, we start the integral descent of the Ebro river kayaking in Fontibre (Cantabria), with the aim of completing the 930Km. route to the Mediterranean Sea between the 12th and 14th of September.

After almost two years of preparation, and in spite of the complicated conditions we had to overcome due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been able to make this project a reality that will take us through the 7 autonomous communities crossed by the Ebro river, navigating sections with very diverse technical and geographical characteristics: from the rough water areas of the Alto Ebro, to the totally calm waters of the marshes, as delicate areas due to all kinds of conditions, and overcoming a total of 18 dams and 16 reservoirs.

The BLUEBRO project aims to communicate and raise awareness from the water about the preservation of the environment and to encourage more sustainable habits and leadership.

An inter-generational team has been formed representing 3 levels of leadership committed to sustainability:

– Iván Galofré (63 years old). He represents the “Senior Leadership” that puts his experience to learn from mistakes and set a course for a more sustainable society.

– Albert Bosch (54 years old). He represents the “Leadership in Transformation”, assuming that his generation must modify many values and priorities in order to change the direction of the world.

– Laura Rodríguez (26 years old) and Berto Robles (24 years old). They represent the “Leadership of the Future”, who will inherit a complex world with enormous environmental challenges, assuming the mission of advancing towards a more intelligent and sustainable society.  Laura will try to be the first woman to complete the integral descent of the Ebro River.

Apart from promoting the project with Iván Galofré, I will be leading the team in this long adventure, and I am especially excited to be able to carry out a great adventure project again, connecting my passion for extreme sports and expeditions with my purpose of raising environmental awareness and promoting sustainable habits and leadership.

Luckily this adventure takes place entirely within the Spanish state and does not require large displacements or quarantines. But we believe that it is at times like this when a project committed to our relationship with the environment that welcomes us, to understand it and to fight for a healthier and more balanced nature and society, acquires its maximum meaning. And all this lived and communicated from a challenge of non-competitive adventure that aims to provide a realistic view while a positive attitude of effort and struggle for a present and a better future.

The estimated calendar for the BLUEBRO eco-adventure in its main points of passage is the following:

  • Friday 21st August: Official start and first stage Fontibre-Reinosa
  • Wednesday, August 26th: Passing through Miranda de Ebro
  • Friday, August 28th: Logroño
  • Monday, August 31st: Tudela
  • Thursday, September 3rd: Zaragoza
  • Thursday, September 10th: Flix
  • Friday, September 11th: Tortosa
  • Saturday 12/Sunday 13 September: Arrival at Delta/Mediterranean

You can follow the project both on the website Bluebro and on their Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

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